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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 15, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. sex and money lead to a secret service embarrassment. president obama has stayed quiet about it till now. >> plus dark skies and roaring wind, five people dead after a midwest tornado outbreak. a governor shares an amazing survival story.
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>> closer to home a brushfire threatens homes and boats in maryland, how the weather came to the rescue. good evening and thanks for joining us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. we'll start tonight with new details in the secret service scandal. for the first time president obama is talking about a group of agents busted with prostitutes in colombia. 11 agents are put on leave. x 5's audrey barnes has the h a details. >> as he was wrapping up his visit to colombia, president obama addressed the scandal that some are calling the worst in the history of the secret service. it started with a dispute over money, allegations from a prostitute who said she wanted to i paid for her overnight activity with a -- to be paid for her overnight activity with a secret service agents. even though prostitution is legal in colombia, the assistant director of the secret service says those agents violated the service's
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zero tolerance policy on personal misconduct. their president says he would be very angry if those allegations turn out to be true. >> when we travel to another country, i expect us to observe the highest standards because we're not just representing ourselves. ves. we're here on behalf of our people. >> reporter: the agents and uniformed division officers are on administrative leave and while none were assigned to directly protect the president, ron kessler who helped break the story says the security breach put the president at risk. >> it really compromised the security of the president because these prostitutes could have applied leverage on these agents. >> reporter: now the secret service agency is under intense scrutiny from lawmakers. some are already saying they don't believe this was the first time something like this has happened. kessler has written a book about the secret service that he says reveals a troubling
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pattern within the agency. >> the agents are totally overworked, totally overwhelmed, very sleep deprived very often. so all of that is part of this very, very dangerous mix of problems that are now coming out. >> what happened here in colombia is being investigated by the director of the secret service. i expect that investigation to be thorough and i expect it to be rigorous. >> the summit the president was attending is over now. focus will shift to cleaning up the agency with the ultimate task of protecting the president. >> audrey, thank you. the family of a d.c. man paralyzed after shooting in a drugstore robbery is talking tonight about what they are going through. albert grenich was shot inside
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the rite aid late last week. he told his family he's glad no employees were hurt. still his family wants to know why it had to happen. >> i don't know why people are so cruel nowadays and just have to do things like that and got my son paralyzed. >> the gunman is described as african american around 50 years old wearing a red hooded sweat shirt with a black shirt underneath, black pants and a khaki baseball cap. if you know the gunman, please call d.c. police. two motorcyclists are dead after two accidents on the same road in manassas this weekend. the first fatal crash happened saturday morning on joplin road near park headquarters road. the second was tonight at intersection of joplin and aiden road. joplin road was closed part of the evening for investigation. kansas, oklahoma, nebraska and iowa reeling from a string of deadly tornadoes. amateur storm chasers spotted a huge funnel cloud near wichita, kansas, where preliminary damages could be as high as
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$282 million. an incredible video of a multi- vortex tornado in oklahoma yesterday. more than five people are dead in oklahoma after more than a dozen tornadoes touched down. oklahoma's governor toured the damage and shared an amazing story of survival. fox's mike tobin has the latest on the severe weather from wichita. >> reporter: captured at every angle by storm chasers, saturday's tornado outrage spawning at least 120 tornadoes across the plains and southwest. this is a look at the tornado taking a direct swipe at woodward, oklahoma where 12,000 people lived now ravaged and mourning, at least five killed, dozens more hurt, the aftermath stunning. >> remarkable stories. one lady hunkered down with her family. she had a pregnant daughter, wrapped her arms around her daughter and the children and they were in a class of and her daughter went to the hospital of that they and delivered the baby c section right after the storm passed. >> reporter: the buzz of chainsaws and the crackle of
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brush, clean-up in full force in wichita. this county has been declared a disaster area and the damage is in the hundreds of millions statewide. this mobile home was blown off its foundation in the force of saturday's tornado. >> it's surreal. s surreal. i've never seen anything like this and hopefully i never will again. >> reporter: the tiny town of thurmond, iowa, nearly wiped off the map. they were hit by an ef-2 tornado saturday, many wondering how their neighbors made it through with no deaths and no injuries. >> it looks like a horror movie or just war has come through here. >> reporter: of the 100 plus tornadoes that touched down most of them raked across uninhabited land, one reason the death toll is relatively low. the other? people respected the warnings from the national weather service and took shelter. in wichita, kansas, mike tobin, fox news. >> thank goodness, no severe weather here, but we are in for a big warm-up now. let's get the latest from gary mcgrady in the weather center.
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>> you didn't think today was good enough? >> i loved today. i'm not complaining at all. >> i know you're not. temperatures today in some places, no records or anything, but we did warm up pretty nice. the thought was we may have gotten -- been able to get a little bit warmer. i was forecasting a high temperature of 84 degrees for today. that was back on friday when i was last here. it was 83 for national and the winds were blowing over the south and that comes across the potomac there at national. so it keeps it sometimes a little cooler. dulles was only up to 83 there. there was no potomac around dulles anywhere. bwi marshall was the big hotspot at least from the major three with a temperature of 86 degrees and yes, it does look like we're going to be just a little bit warmer for tomorrow. here are the highs today across the region. fredericksburg was 87, culpeper 86, winchester 82. go ahead and add about 3 degrees to these for tomorrow's high temperature in general. i think we'll end up where we are for highs tomorrow.
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so they're mostly mid- to upper 80s. look at the temperature now, wow, how about that? 77 degrees here in town, earlier we were 74, okay, last hour. so we've come up just a little bit. annapolis 69 degrees. it's just such a great evening out there and overnight tonight it definitely is going to be a mild affair. we'll have fair skies, temperature down to about 66 degrees, maybe even the upper 60s if it doesn't want to drop off too much. full forecast is coming up and it does look like we got one real warm day coming our way or i should say one more real warm day for tomorrow and then we'll cool off a bit as we head through the remainder of the workweek. >> sounds good, gary. you know the weather made a brushfire at holiday point marina in maryland difficult to fight today. fire officials got the call around 2:00 this afternoon. the first units on the scene saw how the wind was taking the flame as way from them and called in for extra help.
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it took two hours and 94 firefighters, but in an incredible way the wind wound up helping property owners by pushing the flames away from their property. >> it melted the back of the structure and just in a moment it, like that, the wind shifted and i had a friend with me and he looked at me. i looked at him. we both knew and realized, acknowledged what had just happened. >> we were concerned if we couldn't have gotten the fire under control more rapidly that we would have had to evacuate structures. we may have lost some structures. >> in the end an outbuilding burnt and three boats were damaged, but no one was hurt. that was just one of several brushfires that have struck in the area in recent days. fox 5's will thomas reports on a string of problems starting with one in anne arundel county last monday. >> reporter: wild winds and dry conditions helped to fuel this anne arundel county fire about 2:00 last monday. sky fox capturing some of the 30 firefighters working to knock this down.
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no damage to structures, but the flames got close to nearby homes. about the same time over in prince george's county a similar brushfire. some of the firefighters from engine 838 walked us back to the scene of the fire in fairmont heights. this one also started about 2:00 possibly ignited by a cigarette. >> it was windy, dry, low humidity. >> reporter: the fire department's mark brady says along with warmer temperatures those conditions created a perfect recipe for a brushfire and he pointed out, also, the brush is overgrown which doesn't help. a local councilman showed up with a promise to make a chance. >> this is supposed to be parish and the issue with this is i -- a park and the issue with this is i think parks have not upkept grass cutting. as you can see, it's overgrown. >> reporter: this is a look at one of the most devastating fires last weekend made worse by the dry conditions.
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easter sunday ilan was cooking on the back porch. >> neighbors came to the door and i was told i better get out of the house and was there anyone else here because the fire might come across the line. >> reporter: and it did. the fire only damaged this house and no one was hurt. will thomas, fox 5 news. >> so just how dry is it? we have had less than 6 inches of rain since january. usually we have more than 10 by now and according to the national weather service, we are almost as dry as we were this time in 2002 which was the dryest on record. so what's keeping things under control for now is all the rain we have had in the fall. today was the last day for you to have your say in some design ideas for the national mall. the trust for the national mall held a design competition last week and put the ideas on display in the smithsonian castle's great hall and in the museum of american history. the designs reenvision constitution gardens, sylvan
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theater and union square. the winners announced in may. a photo from the ocean floor is raising new questions about the titanic. is it possible to recover human remains? why some say it's time to raise the sunken ship. >> plus top air force honors for a captain whose main weapon is the radio. stay with us? if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tip line at 202-895- 3000 or send us an e-mail to fox5tips at back after this. mm, these artisan bagels are so tasty. hey, what do you think "artisan" means? it's latin. for what? really, really good bagels. dunkin's new artisan bagels are as authentic as it gets. soft, chewy, and delicious. grab one today. if you want a luxury car with a standard power moonroof,
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it's been 100 years since the titanic sank in the atlantic ocean after hitting an iceberg late the night of april 14th, 1912. the ship went down in the early morning hours of the 15th. today people all over the world are remembering the disaster, but as fox's anna coyman explains, the titanic may not yet have given up all her secrets. >> reporter: the 100 year anniversary of the titanic's sinking is being marked by events around the globe.
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the ship's voyage was supposed to be from england to new york, but even cities without direct links to the titanic are holding events. multiple cruise ships have traveled through the disaster site 400 miles off the coast of newfoundland laying wreaths and holding moments of silence. for some it's bringing closure. >> it's almost as though while i was here he was alive for me and i can now let him go. >> reporter: in northern ireland where the titanic was built a monument was unveiled sunday at a ceremony attended by local dignitaries, the explorer who found the shipwreck in the northern atlantic waters in 1985 and relatives of the dead. venues in las vegas, san diego, houston and singapore are hosting titanic exhibitions that include artifacts recovered from the site of the wreck. one ohio woman is paying her respects today. her late mother-in-law was one of the 700 survives of the 700
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survivors -- 700 survivors of the passengers and crew. >> she was put in lifeboat 15 and it was full. many of them were not, but she said the noise as they rode away from that ship was unbelievable, something she would never forget. >> reporter: a new photo released this week shows a coat and boots in the mud taken at the shipwreck site and has some wondering if human remains could be with the wreckage and raises the question should the titanic itself be raised? also marking the anniversary james cameron's titanic is back in theaters this time in 3d. anna coyman, fox news. last night the southwest d.c. heritage organization held a titanic memorial event. at waterfront park there were 50-foot tall historic images of
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the historic boat and her passengers. the group lit more than 1,500 luminaries, each labeled with the name of a victim who went down with the ship. people in norway preparing for the trial of anders brevik tomorrow. today church services were held across the country giving people time to grieve and reflect. brevik confessed to setting off a bomb and going on a deadly shooting spree last summer. 77 people were killed during the july attack in norway. the taliban made a show of strength in afghanistan today launching four attacks on four cities. gunshots and rocket propelled grenade fire went off in kabul as u.s. embassy employees were ordered to duck and cover. one afghan police officer and 17 militants died in the attacks nationwide leaving some lawmakers standing on the roof of the parliament building firing back with their own weapons. a taliban spokesman says, "we are strong and we can attack
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anywhere we want." an air force captain rewarded for going above and beyond on the battlefield. captain barry crawford was given the second highest honor for valor, the air force cross. fox's jennifer griffin has his story. >> reporter: captain barry crawford's main weapon was a radio. he's a combat controller going behind enemy lines to find targets and landing zones for special operation forces as they conduct surprise raids in afghanistan. thursday he was given the military's second highest honor for valor, the air force cross, for his actions on may 4th, 2010, when his unit which was paired with afghan forces was ambushed on what should have been a routine mission. the enemy had been tipped. >> captain crawford took decisive action. once the pilot had eyes on his position, captain crawford remained exposed. >> reporter: the 31-year-old native of philadelphia guided 33 aircraft and more than 40
10:20 pm
airstrikes during the 14-hour ambush. >> helicopters were coming in due to the bad weather they were unable to see to hlz and my wounded teammates and afghans and special forces and medics. so i knew i had to get their eyes on me and move out into the open so they could see me. i knew i was going to be a giant target, but it was worth it because we were able to get the commanders out and save their lives. >> reporter: he helped evacuate three wounded medics and afghan soldiers. no troops were wounded. >> if everyone didn't go above and beyond what was needed, we would have suffered catastrophic casualties and i probably wouldn't be able to talk to you guys here today. >> reporter: captain crawford is safely back in the united states where he is attached to the maryland air national guard studying to be a pilot. he wants his next battle to be from the sky. jennifer griffin, fox news. this week a virginia family
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finally laid a soldier to rest more than 60 years after he disappeared during the korean war. patrick glennon was classified mia in 1950 and declared dead in 1953. he was identified two years ago thanks to his dog tags. his cousin said a final good- bye at arlington national cemetery. >> it's a very emotional thing because he's part of our family and he's finally at rest now. >> just to know that he gave up the most precious thing he had so i can walk around and be a jerk whenever i wanted to, it's a very humbling experience. >> glennon was only 16 when he signed up for the army. he lied about his age to enlist. d.c. schools, offices and libraries are closed tomorrow in honor of d.c. emancipation today. it honors the emancipation act which freed 3,100 slaves in the district. there is an emancipation parade along pennsylvania avenue northwest tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. so you've heard of people
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being robbed for their money or smartphones, but what about their dog? dog owner sharing her terrifying story coming up. 
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if you have a dog, this story may be hard to imagine. a detroit woman says her dog was stolen from her at gunpoint and now they've been reunited, but the victim is scared it will happen again. here's the story. >> i'm just devastated and i was in such shock. >> reporter: there are no words for a story like this one. elizabeth pidulski was walking her dog on detroit's east side when two men in a van pulled in front of her blocking her path. one of them pointed an ak-47 right in her face. >> he told me to get on the ground. i was in shock and said what? and he then said give me your dog and i again said what? and then he said give me your dog or i'll shoot you and aimed the -- lifted up the gun like
10:26 pm
aiming at me and i gave him emma's leash to give him my dog and i thought if i'm shot, what good does that do emma? >> reporter: the robbers asked for money, though she only had her house keys. they took mamie and headed for the car. still -- took emma and headed for the car. still face down on the ground she yesterday a final bit of advice. >> she has allergies and he said if you want your dog back, we want your money and then they drove off. >> reporter: elizabeth took off running, made a police report and just when she thought she'd never see her best friend of 11 years ago, the phone rings. someone found emma and called the number on her tags. >> she asked me did you lose your dog and i said yes. >> reporter: elizabeth brought a neighbor to the exchange and paid a woman 50 bucks but wonders if this was part of the
10:27 pm
plan. still she has $50 is a steal for a lifelong friend. >> thank god, first they weren't that greedy about how much i had to pay and secondly more importantly it appears she hasn't been injured at all. prosecutors struck out in roger clemens first perjury trial. now they get another chance, a preview of the upcoming trial ahead. >> and the president's opponents haven't been nominated, but we're seeing a major theme in the 2012 election. we'll explain. stay with us. 
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this is fox 5 news at 7:00. the taliban is taking responsibility for -- at 10:00. the taliban is taking responsibility for a series of coordinated attacks against nato and the embassy in afghanistan today. >> reporter: nato said the taliban could never launch an
10:31 pm
attack like this again after being severely punished by u.s. and international forces in the last fighting season. they said that just a week ago, yet here we are, seven spectacular attacks across afghanistan, three of them right here in the heart of the capital kabul. they targeted the u.s. embassy, the british embassy and the russians and the germans. on top of that they went after the parliament building and the presidential palace itself. there is still fighting underway in the capital tonight as the last remnants of the militant groups fight it out with the afghan national security forces. so far the afghans have not called on the help of the international security force here. it appears that the afghan commandos are trying to keep it very much to themselves as a show of force against the lingering militants strength here. my colleague geraldo rivera was inside the u.s. embassy as it came under attack with the u.s.
10:32 pm
ambassador ryan crocker, crocker saying this was a very familiar scene to him. >> it's pretty similar to what we saw in september. high profile, questionable effectiveness. i think this was done more for the splash than the serious attempt to carry out a military operation, but again we'll just have to see. >> reporter: and we'll have to wait and see just how the rest of the fighting season really goes on. the only upside really to this surprise attack which really has caught both the afghans and the international community very much by surprise is those who died. the militants, 11 so far killed, no deaths among the civilians or the afghan security forces, but 23 civilians and police apparently injured. holocaust remembrance today is coming up this week and the holocaust museum is holding days of remembrance all week.
10:33 pm
the museum will live stream a commemoration in the capitol rotunda thursday morning. wasteful spending taking center stage on capitol hill tomorrow as federal officials from the general services administration begin the first of four congressional hearings. the agency is under the microscope for organizing a lavish conference in las vegas that cost taxpayers more than $800,000. the latest twist in the story involves the head of the gsa, jeffrey neely, who organized the event in las vegas when the agency already owned a facility suitable for a large conference. neely's attorney says her client may not show up tomorrow since he plans on pleading the fifth. a bag signal of things to come once the contest -- a big signal of things to come once the contest between barack obama and mitt romney get underway. who is the man with the plan? decides which side has the mike? fox 5's -- depends which side has the mic. fox 5's melanie alnwick has the
10:34 pm
wrapup. >> reporter: tim geithner says the economy is in pretty good shape, but polls tonight show that and six in 10 voters say the country is going in the wrong direction. >> of course it's going to be close, but at the end of the day i think the american people want to choose a vision that holds out the greatest possibility opportunity. >> reporter: a fox news poll shows mitt romney now with a slight advantage over president obama. romney's campaign is trying to get more support among women and hispanics. >> there's a supposition here that hispanic voters are single issue voters, that they vote only on immigration. americans of hispanic descent care also deeply about employment and job creation and opportunity. >> reporter: for women voters the economy was just about the only thing senator kiersten jill gillibrand and michele bachmann agreed on. >> it's the first bill he
10:35 pm
really signed which allows women to fight for equal pay for equal work. women are still making 78 cents on the dollar. mitt romney? his hero is the government from with us white house just got rid of equal pay laws there. >> the women who stay home and care for their children, the women who choose to go to work both have a common area that they're concerned about and that's the cost of living and that's what's happened under barack obama is that life has gotten increasingly difficult. >> reporter: life may get more difficult for some secret service employees. the chairman of the house oversight committee said on face the nation he wants a comprehensive review after the agency's sex scandal in colombia. >> the question is the whole organization in need of some soul searching, some changes before the president, the vice president, members of the cabinet are in danger? >> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. jury selection begins tomorrow in the retrial of former major league baseball pitcher roger clemens. this is the government's second
10:36 pm
attempt to prove he lied to congress in 2008 when he denied using steroids and human growth hormones. the first attempt was last july when a judge declared a mistrial. if clemens is found guilty on all charges, he faces 15 to 21 months in prison. in two days it's time to spot the shuttle. the shuttle discovery is getting ready to leave florida for a trip to the smithsonian. we'll tell you the best places to watch its last flight. >> and the nationals try to complete a four-game sweep of the reds. >> real warm today, warmer tomorrow and storms back out to the west. question is when will these storms get to us or will they get to us at all? we'll have your complete forecast coming up. stay with us. the news will continue. 
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talk about the nats being on fire, they are rocking it ought there. >> they've won five straight. they're trying to sweep the
10:40 pm
reds. crowds have been good. i went the other night as a fan. it's fun. >> did you? i need to still get to the game. >> you need a ticket? >> we need to talk. >> yesterday the nats tyler clippard warmed up in the bullpen but was never used. he said he had some arm discomfort and davey johnson decided to error on the side of caution. ross detwiler, bases loaded, two outs and ryan ludwig had a grand slam home run to left field. reds built a 5-0 lead. detwiler goes five innings allowing five runs, only one earned. nats fought back bottom 7, deficit 5-4, ian desmond two outs, base hit to center field. rick ankiel tries to score to throw home and ryan hanigan cannot hold on. the game goes to extra inning tied 5-5. top of the 11th, joey votto, two runners on. he drives one over the head of
10:41 pm
mark derosa in left field. the reds add another run. nats fall to cincinnati 8-5 in 11 but still take three of four from cincinnati. nats are 7-4 and detwiler likes the way his team never quits. >> it shows what kind of team we have this year. we never quit. we didn't even quit when we were down three, got back up and got the first two guys on base. it just didn't happen but them coming back from a five-run deficit shows what kind of team we have. yesterday center nick backstrom appeared in his sixth game since suffering from his concussion march 3rd. the 24-year-old buries the game winner, the second overtime winner of his career. the caps beat the bruins 2-1 in double overtime, even the series at 1-1 and mood changing victory. >> everyone here has been in good spirits. i think that was a huge win for our confidence and everyone is a little bit happier today than
10:42 pm
after the last game even though we played well. good maintenance day for everyone i think and that got everyone going, get ready for tomorrow. >> i mean the series now is wide open. game three tomorrow at verizon center. i'll be live there at 5:00 and 6:00 and now we got new form of life here for the team. >> at least something to look forward to in d.c. with two teams doing well. >> wizards are not doing so well. >> yeah. that's an understatement. all right. thanks, dave. coming up he went from a convicted criminal to marathon runner, his path to success still ahead.  [ male announcer ] a car is either luxury or it isn't. if you want a luxury car with a standard power moonroof, your options are going to be limited. ♪ if you want standard leather-trimmed seats, you're going to have even fewer. ♪ and if you want standard keyless access,
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in two days the space shuttle discovery will fly piggyback on a jet over the washington skies, but a new home near dulles airport means floridians have to say good- bye.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: visitors flocked to the kennedy space center to say their final fair wells to the shuttle discovery -- farewells to the shuttle discovery before its last departure. >> the last good-bye is when they do the beach fly-by. we're looking forward to that and that might get a little teary. you know, it's history. ry. >> reporter: history headed to its final home. the retired shuttle discovery rolled out of the vehicle assembly building this morning and is being placed atop this modified 747 jumbo jet. >> it's bittersweet. i know a lot of people in the space program and we're all going to miss this era. >> reporter: armed with cameras and cell phones to capture the piece of history, those on the discovery tour took it all in for the last time. >> i've been photographing the shuttle since 1987 or so for over 20 years and i've gotten some really good pictures on the tour. >> reporter: the staff from mel burn say it's more of a see you next -- melbourne say it's more of a see you next time.
10:47 pm
>> we'll see atlantis here on site and that's always going to be part of it and we'll get up to washington d.c. to go to smithsonian and see it again. >> reporter: as for viewing the fly-by, officials at the kennedy space center visitors complex say there's a couple ways to catch it. >> working with nasa we were able to provide this opportunity for guests to see the landing facility for themselves and watch as discovery flies out. there will be viewing of the fly-out from the visitor complex in the rocket garden, also. >> the countdown is officially on. people in the d.c. area will be able to spot the shuttle overhead on its way to dulles airport between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. tuesday. the exact path and timing ultimately depends on the weather, but discovery is expected to fly here a handful of landmarks like the national mall, national harbor and chantilly. taller buildings could soon pop up around the district. representative darrell issa of
10:48 pm
california is talking to district leaders about easing high restrictions. for more than a century buildings in the nationally capital have been limited to about 12 stories to ensure unobstructed views to the landmarks, but advocates say easing restrictions could open up new opportunities for commercial real estate and accommodate d.c.'s swelling population. >> you look at new york city and how beautiful the park is and all the buildings surrounding it. i don't see why it would be any different here. >> critics include d.c. member jack evans who represents much of downtown and uses philadelphia as an example of what could go wrong. although evans says there was an agreement in philly never to build higher than william penn's statue atop city hall. that agreement was eventually broken. buildingses in oklahoma have been leveled -- buildings in oklahoma have been leveled after severe storms and tornadoes tore through the state and three others. today areas are being toured like woodward oklahoma where
10:49 pm
five people died. oklahoma's governor has declared a state of emergency for 12 counties. >> boy, gary, it's hard to look at those pictures considering what a wonderful weather pattern we've had here. >> makes you almost feel guilty. >> you do. >> they've got continue a bit tonight moved through and we are dry. >> painfully dry. >> we're getting closer to 5 inches below normal for the year and almost 4 inches below normal since the beginning of march, which is probably the more important statistic. >> i can tell when i look at my plants, they're suffering. >> right. those thunderstorms back out to the west tonight, it doesn't look like they'll hold together and bring us any rain. we don't want severe weather, but a little rain would be good and looking at things tonight, i just can't be hopeful about any rain that's going to be able to help us out a little bit. now listen, we're normally dry, too. so the next step is you start talking about maybe a drought of some sort. i don't want to use the d word,
10:50 pm
blah, blah, blah, but we've got to get some rain. 83 the high today. this is really soak being the water content out of the -- soak being the water content of the -- soaking the water content out of the soil and makes it worse. this is reagan national now 77 degrees, dew point not too terribly bad. it's fairly comfortable for this type of temperature. the wind speed is out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour. that is why our temperature actually went up this hour. last hour it was 74. so with the wind it helps to kind of roll up the atmosphere and keep things nice and warm. 77 in town, gaithersburg 73. you want to see what a little wind will do? frederick now is down ticket 1 degrees. so a 15 did he -- to 61 degrees, so a 15-degree difference between here in the city and up to the north and northwest. dulles is 75. where there's a little breeze,
10:51 pm
the temperatures are well up into the 70s. where the wind has calmed down it looks like the temperatures are dropping. a few clouds overhead. these are just real high thin clouds, but as we pull the view out to the west, this is another line of showers and thunderstorms and by no means are these storms as strong tonight as what they were seeing last night from oklahoma back up into kansas. over 120 reports, report of tornadoes last night. that doesn't mean 100 tornadoes. it just means that several tornadoes with the 120 reports. i think it was actually more reports of those and the real big ones, too moving through. they get the all clear tonight. so they're doing good out there now at least in terms of the weather, but again, will this get to us, there's a lot of dry air between this line of thunderstorms and showers and where we are here on the east coast and again it just does not look like we're going to be able to get that rain. overnight tonight temperatures
10:52 pm
will get down in the lower to mid-60s, a mild overnight with fair skies. winds out of the south at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. so again as long as the wind is up a little bit, temperatures will stay very mild. tonight will be warmer than today. we'll have temperatures in the mid- to even upper 80s. i do believe there may be a few places south and southwest that may be flirting with 90e, winds out of the southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour, we'll have a few clouds, mostly sunny right through the day tomorrow. here's 80 search for quantico, 88 tomorrow -- 87 for quantity could he, 88 tomorrow for fred -- quantico, 88 tomorrow for fredericksburg, baltimore 88 degrees, another warm day for them, but beautiful for annapolis by the water, temperature tomorrow right up around 80 degrees there. so one more warm day. then it's going to get a little cooler. cold front will come through. looks like it's a dry front at this point.
10:53 pm
temperatures will cool off a little bit but still well above normal. we should be 67 or so for an average for this time of year for a high temperature and shoot, we may not even get down to 67 degrees for a low tonight. >> man, might have to turn on the air conditioner. >> i did today. >> did you? >> i sure did. i don't like to be hot. >> let's see what the next couple days bring. is it going to stay about this? we're not going to dip into 40s unexpectedly? >> there is some indication on the longer range models we do have some cooler weather coming back. i don't know it's going to be 40s during the day, but we could have some 40s at night. life has its share of ups and downs. tonight the story of a man with a troubled past who found a way to turn his life around, though. fox 5's beth parker has his story. >> reporter: one step at a time chris hatton is running from his past. >> i don't want to go back to where i came from. >> reporter: not that he
10:54 pm
hasn't faced his mistakes. chris served 14 years in prison for a violent crime. >> i wanted to set an example for people on the inside because i get tired of seeing the same people come back over and over again. >> reporter: he took steps literally to make sure he would be different. on the inside as he calls it he began to run on a dirt track. >> it was kind of in my mind back then that i would love to run boston one day. >> reporter: that's boston as in the boston marathon. chris got out early for good behavior. he found a job and hooked up with a nonprofit called back on my feet. before the sun comes up back on my feet volunteers keep up with homeless people for early morning runs. >> homeless people or people coming out of prison are shunned by society, you know. so just everyday people coming out giving you a hug first off and welcoming you. it's not about where you come from. >> reporter: we have first got out of prison, chris lived in
10:55 pm
shelters including this one in northeast d.c. for the past two years he's rented a basement apartment here in a house in d.c., but the place he feels most at home is in his running shoes. he has completed six marathons including the marine corps marathon in d.c. this weekend he will fulfill his prison yard dream of running the boston marathon. he already has the shirt. is that a lot of times in a race people hit a wall where you get cramps. you don't think you can go on anymore. you feel helpless and hopeless. that's a lot what other people experience when they're homeless. >> reporter: homeless no more, chris has worked for the same company for two years and has been promoted to manager. he's also a certified yoga teacher. >> you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and see the light of every day. >> reporter: he knows he can't change the past, so he's doing in the real world what he tried to do in prison, seek out the good emerge run away from the
10:56 pm
bad. george zimmerman making headlines and now he's a work of art. the unique perspective on the man accused of killing florida teen trayvon martin. >> d.c. police still on the hunt for a gunman of a rite aid shooting, the victim lies paralyzed on a hospital bed, his family speaking out the news edge at 11:00. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too.
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a connecticut congressman is one of at least two people hurt in a helicopter crash yesterday. look at what's left of the small chopper. the communications director for the house of representatives says congressman bill wadsworth was on board and there are reports that he may have been the pilot. wadsworth has been hospitalized with minor injuries. the crash is under investigation. the trayvon martin case has gained national attention and now there is a unique perspective of george zimmerman, the man accused of killing the teenager. an art student in denver, colorado, created this por


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